One in every 1,000 babies is born deaf or hard of hearing; three in every 1,000 develop permanent hearing loss by the age of 5

Can Your Child Hear?

If your baby has difficulty with the age-level hearing tasks listed below, you should seek a professional assessment without delay. You can make an appointment for a comprehensive audiological test at John Tracy Clinic by calling 213-748-5481 or filling out this form online. If you live outside of the Los Angeles area, you may also call John Tracy Clinic for guidance or a referral in your area at 1-800-552-4582.

Your baby’s hearing can be tested at birth or any time thereafter by an audiologist who specializes in working with children. Undetected hearing loss in young children may cause significant communication and social difficulties. Early diagnosis and timely intervention can make all the difference.

0-3 months
Your baby should stir in her sleep to nearby conversation. If awake, your baby should quiet to the sound of your voice.

By 6 months
Your baby should rouse from her sleep to loud noises and turn toward the direction of the sound.

By 9 months
Your little one should enjoy playing with a bell or rattle and look up when called by name. She should be able to utter several different sounds with changing pitch.

By 12 months
Your child should be understanding a variety of words, such as “bye-bye,” “no,” “hot,” and “doggie.” She should imitate some speech sounds and even say two or three words at the right times and places, such as “da-da” or “ma-ma.”

By 18 months
Your child should be able to say more than six words and follow simple commands, such as “Get your shoes,” “Look at Daddy,” or “Open the book.”

By 2 years
Your child should be learning some new words every day.

By 3 years
Your child should be using two- and three-word sentences. Family members should be able to understand your child’s speech.

By 4 years
Your child should use sentences of four or more words. People outside the family should be able to understand your child’s speech.