When early identification and intervention occurs, hearing impaired children make dramatic progress

My child has a hearing loss

If my baby did not pass a newborn hearing screening, does that mean my baby is deaf?

Further testing is needed to determine if your child has a hearing loss. Follow the instructions given to you by your hospital for a follow-up screening or full audiological exam.  John Tracy Clinic tests children ages 0-5. Please call 213-748-5481 to make an appointment.

Are there JTC services for families with children with hearing loss outside the United States?

Our free Distance Learning for Parents Courses can be taken online or by mail anywhere in the world. JTC also offers intensive On-Site Family Summer Sessions. Courses provide information on early childhood deafness. JTC encourages observation, education and active participation to help parents learn about hearing loss and become the primary educators and advocates for their children. Multiple one-page handouts helpful to families are available in Ideas and Advice for Parents.

Can parents really teach a child who is hearing impaired to talk?

Yes. Today’s cochlear implants and digital hearing aids allow most children who are deaf and hard of hearing to develop excellent listening and speaking skills. This is the focus of JTC’s onsite Auditory-Verbal Preschool.