As a premier diagnostic facility, JTC offers a full array of pediatric audiological services to assess hearing in children ages birth to 18 years. Our expert team utilizes state-of-the-art equipment that can help identify and diagnose children with hearing loss, provides guidance and support to parents and families, and collaborates with other healthcare providers to meet your child’s hearing needs.


For parents of newly diagnosed children (birth – 3) with hearing loss as well as parents who are wishing for individualized services for their children (ages 3-18), JTC provides both education to new families on what the education field can provide their newly diagnosed child and the skills to work on auditory awareness and spoken language through everyday life experiences (LSLS-AVT). Integrated services also include audiological and developmental assessments, counseling and support groups.


JTC’s preschool prepares children with hearing loss to enter their local kindergarten or other programs that use spoken language through listening, language and speech development. The preschool is a multidisciplinary service, including hearing and developmental assessments, parent education, counseling and support groups. JTC also offers two intensive international preschool sessions on-site for families from other U.S. states and foreign countries.


JTC counselors and child development staff support families through a variety of services. Support groups facilitate parents’ connections in sharing challenges, hope, and resources. Individual, couple, and family counseling sessions focus on relationships, parenting, child development, recommendations, and resources. Siblings and the whole family are valued, and their needs are considered. Developmental observations and screenings of children are oriented toward the whole child, with recommendations and referrals for intervention.


JTC offers multiple materials in English and Spanish that families worldwide can use to guide their young hard of hearing children in building language and expanding learning. In-depth information about listening, language, speech and child development is provided to families enrolled in JTC’s Worldwide Parent Education program where they can receive personalized guidance from hearing loss specialists. Dozens of practical, family-friendly handouts can be also be accessed by any parent or professional through our website. Live, online video classes for groups of parents can be arranged on request. International multi-week sessions in English or Spanish are offered onsite annually – usually in June or July – to provide parent education and support.


To meet the demand for teachers of the deaf who are experts in listening and spoken language, JTC offers an accredited master’s degree and credential program in partnership with Mount Saint Mary’s University-Los Angeles. The program offers the option of studying on-site or by distance learning combined with summer residencies at JTC.