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Dear Friends,

As director of JTC's audiology services, I have felt the heaviness of the effects of this pandemic on our children and their families. As pediatric audiologists, our team plays a vital role in the journey of listening and learning - and in the success of our state's newborn hearing screening program. Unfortunately, COVID-19 has prevented us from delivering those essential services to our community.

From March 16th to May 18th, JTC was unable to provide 34 newborns' hearing screenings and 28 diagnostic ABR evaluations because of COVID-19. Each of these appointments represents a critical moment in a family's life, as immediate assessments can lead to monumental differences in a child's life.

I am proud to announce that JTC's audiology team is now equipped with PPE and able to open on a limited basis to help these families who have, after such a long wait, just begun their journey with hearing loss.

Since we resumed work on May 18th, my team has been working with me around the clock, prepared with extensive safety measures and ready to provide the excellent care each of you has come to expect at JTC. Despite these challenging times, families are finally receiving the urgent care they need.

An investment today is an investment in JTC's heroes - who are ensuring that each family receiving care stays safe, who are risking their own health every day to give newborns the chance they deserve to develop as soon as possible.

Please join me today by supporting JTC's efforts to remain on the front lines in these challenging times.

Claire Sanchez
Director of Audiology

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Please join us today by supporting JTC's efforts to remain on the front lines in these challenging times.
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