Anna’s 10,000-mile journey…

John Tracy Clinic launched its annual fundraising campaign featuring an international family who recently participated in services.  In a letter to donors the mother of Anna describes the emotions and experiences in their 10,000-mile journey that is similar to so many across the globe who are part of JTC’s family.

“When we walked through the doors at John Tracy Clinic, I was worried about Anna’s future. I feared she would be left behind, unable to learn and communicate with other children. Time is valuable and limited when a child is diagnosed with hearing loss. It was crucial that I learned how to help my child sooner than later.

John Tracy Clinic empowers parents so they can guide their child through their journey. After attending John Tracy Clinic’s International Preschool Session I  gained the necessary skills and resources to help my daughter.  We were provided with the education and courage to continue our journey. I walked out the door feeling confident and prepared to help my daughter succeed.

John Tracy Clinic helped me become a stronger mother. I left with the tools to help Anna develop language and listening skills. We believe in JTC, and know what a vital resource it is for families and young children with hearing loss.

You and I value the power of communication and being heard. You can honor your values and take action by donating to John Tracy Clinic. Contributing $50 or more will help families like ours tackle the challenges of hearing loss. By giving to JTC, you will impact the lives of young children who are deaf and hard of hearing.”

Read more of Anna’s 10,000-mile journey.

Your Gift Will Provide:

$25        Provides one child with classroom supplies in our Preschool

$50         Funds one lesson for a family in our Worldwide Parent Education Program

$100       Provides one child with an individual speech therapy session

$500       Gives two children comprehensive audiological evaluations

$1,000     Supports one week of participation for one family in a JTC Summer Session

$2,500     Provides one year of new books and supplies for JTC’s Preschool classroom

$3,500     Funds six months of JTC Parent-Infant Program services for one family

$5,000     Funds one month of Preschool and speech therapy for one child

$25,000   Funds half a year of Preschool and speech therapy for one child

Gifts of $500 and above will be honored on our lobby marquee and website for thousands of thankful families to see.  All gifts are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law and will be recognized in the year they are received.

Help us extend a beacon of hope for families like the Murphy’s well into the future by remembering the children in your estate plan.  For planned giving opportunities, please contact JTC’s Chief Development Officer, Kimberlee Jones, at 213.748.5481 ext.229 or

Thank You!