Early Expectations for a Child

Early Expectations for a Child with a Cochlear Implant

Families often have many emotions about their child’s cochlear implant (CI). One common feeling is of uncertainty. Parents are unsure of what changes they will see and when their child might talk. Surgery and being fitted with external equipment begins the process. The first use of the activated implant is […]

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Inquiring about Cochlear Implants

When a child is identified with a hearing loss, family members might wonder about a cochlear implant (CI).  Specific information on implants, centers and candidacy can be found through websites and from audiologists.  This paper addresses some questions families often ask in the beginning about the implant process.Can my child […]

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Addressing ANSD (Auditory Neuropathy Spectrum Disorder)

Early hearing loss is unfamiliar to most parents when their child is identified. As families look for answers they realize there are different types and levels of hearing loss.  When told that their child has Auditory Neuropathy (AN) or Auditory Neuropathy Spectrum Disorder (ANSD) parents can begin discussing this term […]

Examining Kids Ear

Middle Ear Fluid and Its Effects on Early Learning

Parents are skilled in figuring out many of their young child’s health needs. A common condition that is sometimes hard to notice is middle ear fluid. When a child has an ear infection or middle ear fluid he may experience a temporary decrease in hearing that can cause educational difficulties. […]

Mom & Kid Audiology Appointment

Making the Most of Your Child’s Audiology Appointments

Parents can obtain the best access to sound possible for their child by being actively involved in audiology appointments.  Audiologists follow a child regularly to identify hearing levels, check devices, and manage auditory health. Parents can ask questions, document listening and discuss decisions.  Audiologists can provide information, track progress and […]

My Baby's First Hearing Aid

Baby’s First Hearing Aid!

Parents are eager for a baby’s responses to sound with a new hearing aid. When a baby wears hearing aids for the first time families are often unsure what to expect. A baby’s responses can vary from startling, smiling or not seeming to react. Learning to listen takes time. There […]

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Where to Begin

When a young child is identified with hearing loss parents can start with these steps.Expect emotionsEach family responds in their own way to news of a child’s hearing loss. Members within one family can experience very different emotions at the same time. Emotions may change with each appointment or interaction […]

Audiogram Familiar Sounds

Audiogram of Familiar Sounds

What Does My Child Hear?An audiogram is used to graph responses to sounds and speech during certain hearing tests. The examples on an illustrated audiogram show the types and levels of sounds. The area outlined on the audiogram showing most of the speech sounds is often referred to as the […]

First Words For Parents

First Words for Parents Learning About Hearing Loss

This is a short list of beginning words for parents of children newly diagnosed with hearing loss.  It is meant to be simple not comprehensive. Many other terms are discussed in publications, explained on the Internet or defined in depth in dictionaries. Use can vary from country to country and […]

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Understanding Your Child’s Hearing Tests

A child is never too young to have his hearing checked.  There are multiple reliable techniques used to measure hearing. A “hearing test” is actually an “Audiological Evaluation” made up of several tests for parts of the ear and hearing (auditory) system.  A “hearing screening” is a quick procedure done […]