Family picture for Caregivers are Key Communicators

Caregivers are Key Communicators

A young child with a hearing loss may need additional communication support with unfamiliar people or in group situations. There is much information available for understanding early childhood hearing loss. A family can describe what is most helpful for their individual child. When caring for babies, toddlers and preschoolers with […]

Other Reading and Online Resources

Families’ preferences for sources of hearing loss information will vary. A few recent publications are listed here to help you get started! Ask other parents and professionals for more suggestions.Create a personalized list and share it!BooksBodner-Johnson, B., & Sass-Lehrer, M. (Ed.)  The Young Deaf or Hard of Hearing  Child. Baltimore, […]

Meet My Child!

Teachers and therapists welcome information about children to be able to work with them well. Parents can provide information from their own observations and others’ reports. A personal way to share a child’s strengths is by giving service providers an introductory summary. A “Meet My Child” intro can be created […]

The Leader of Your Child’s Educational Team

The Leader of Your Child’s Educational Team: YOU

The day your child was diagnosed with a hearing loss, you became an integral part of a team created to bring your little one to his or her greatest potential. That team consists of the:PediatricianEar Nose and Throat specialistAudiologistTeacher of the deaf andSpecialists you consult regularlyEach of these professionals needs […]

School Time

School Time!

When your child enters preschool, you have the perfect opportunity to develop on-going teamwork with teachers and school personnel. This is the time to bring your positive attitude and support, which will continue throughout your child’s education.What can you do?Ask for time to explain the hearing aids or cochlear implant […]

Strategies School Services

Successful Strategies for Starting School Services

Parents of young child with hearing loss have a significant role in the start of school services.  Many families wish to be active in their child’s early education but are unsure how to start. Programs and the rights of children and their families vary from country to country and even […]

Improving Behavior

Preparing for Preschool

Your child is old enough for preschool! The first step is making a decision about how, when and where your little one will attend. Begin by considering your youngster’s communication skills. Think about what concepts and vocabulary your child knows and what skills you are hoping will be achieved next. […]

Improving Behavior

Improving Behavior by Increasing Communication

Helping young children learn appropriate behavior is a concern for parents. Behavior management can be complex but families can begin at “A” by considering abilities, approaches, awareness, affirmation and actions. Abilities A child’s smiles, scowls, kisses, and cries all convey feelings. To understand why a child is content or upset […]

Reading Good

Reading Regularly to a Young Child with Hearing Loss

Families encourage literacy by looking at books, sharing stories, enjoying rhymes and reading aloud with their young child with hearing loss. Being read to daily at a very early age provides numerous learning and social benefits. A child’s listening skills increase from frequent reading sessions. His language expands by exploring […]