Create Caring Connections for Your Child and You

Connecting through Concerns Parents who are gathering information and learning about hearing loss are getting their questions answered. Families who find educational and medical providers to work with them and their child become part of a team. Together they collaborate to identify services and strategies to help the child with […]

A First Look at Apps for Preschoolers

Apps offer opportunities for a child to learn through play using electronic devices. Parents can enjoy apps with their preschooler by joining in the game or narrating the experience. When parents encourage turn taking, thinking and talking while using apps a child can increase his listening and language learning! The […]

Technology with Tots

Technology With Tots

Young children with hearing loss learn language best through meaningful interactions with others. When they are involved and interested, their language can be strengthened.  Young children are intrigued by cell phones, computers, remotes, tablets, GPS, calculators and other mobile technology. Parents can use their personal devices to encourage their child’s […]

We're Going on Vacation

We’re Going on Vacation

Any time is a good time to enjoy a trip to visit relatives, to see an historical place, or to explore a different country. No matter where you go, your little preschooler who is deaf or hard of hearing will want to be included in all the fun. What can […]

Strengthening Social Skills

Strengthening Social Skills for Special Days

Holidays and special events are wonderful times for a child with hearing loss to delight in different experiences and discover a new language. Anticipation begins as he helps with preparations and then his awareness grows as he participates. When parents guide a child to be involved in a parade, festival, party, feast, performance, […]

Including Siblings

Including Siblings

Family life is always busy. Although you are devoting time and energy to your child with a hearing loss, you want to be available for your other children, too. Each child needs to feel like a valued member of the family. Your positive and loving attitude along with some special […]

Fun in the Kitchen

Fun in the Kitchen

Young children love to “help” in the kitchen! And, with some planning, you can make cooking or baking a language-rich experience for your preschooler. Children who are developing their awareness of sound enjoy hearing the noise of a blender when you make a milkshake or chop food. Turn it “on” […]

Thirty-Two Terrific Tasks for Preschool Language Fun

Parents can involve their young child with hearing loss in varied activities to encourage communication and thinking. When a child is engaged in interesting experiences, he has many reasons to listen and use language. Conversations can include expressions a child knows and introduce new concepts to nurture curiosity. The thirty-two […]

Lets Sing

Let’s Sing!

Music and singing bring people together. We sing for birthdays, religious or secular celebrations, and we sing just to have fun. Using our voices in song is an important part of life. This is true for your child who has a hearing loss, too. Not only is it fun, but […]

Experience Picture

Eyes on Experience Books (Using Homemade Books)

How to make and use experience books with young deaf or hard of hearing children Families foster the love of stories and books by reading to children early and often. Young children with hearing loss benefit from being read to because it encourages language. Parents can make reading pertinent and […]