Audiogram Familiar Sounds

Audiogram of Familiar Sounds

What Does My Child Hear?An audiogram is used to graph responses to sounds and speech during certain hearing tests. The examples on an illustrated audiogram show the types and levels of sounds. The area outlined on the audiogram showing most of the speech sounds is often referred to as the […]

First Words For Parents

First Words for Parents Learning About Hearing Loss

This is a short list of beginning words for parents of children newly diagnosed with hearing loss.  It is meant to be simple not comprehensive. Many other terms are discussed in publications, explained on the Internet or defined in depth in dictionaries. Use can vary from country to country and […]

TYMP Toddler

Understanding Your Child’s Hearing Tests

A child is never too young to have his hearing checked.  There are multiple reliable techniques used to measure hearing. A “hearing test” is actually an “Audiological Evaluation” made up of several tests for parts of the ear and hearing (auditory) system.  A “hearing screening” is a quick procedure done […]

Mom and Child Hearing Test

Children’s Hearing Milestones

A child’s hearing can be tested at any age and as early as a few hours after being born. In the U.S. it is estimated that 12,000 children are born each year with a hearing loss. Children also need to be screened regularly for hearing loss because it can occur […]