Follow Their Lead

What:  Following a child’s lead is an easy and effective way for parents of children with hearing loss to encourage language. Parents can join in whatever the child is doing and let him decide what to do next. Then the child is likely to explore more, make discoveries and have […]

Listening with Ling 6

Listening with Ling Six

“How do I know what my child hears?” This question is asked often by parents of young children using listening devices (hearing aids and cochlear implants). Audiologists and other service providers can discuss an individual’s test results but parents’ observations also help describe how a child is benefitting from a […]

Some Common Sounds

Some Common Sounds

  If you have normal hearing, you probably tend to overlook many sounds in your everyday living environment.  You probably don’t think about the hum of a computer, whir of the ceiling fan, or the bang of something being dropped.  Little hearing-impaired children need to learn about these many sounds […]

Advancing Auditory Abilities of New Listeners

Advancing Auditory Abilities of New Listeners

Parents anxiously await their child’s responses to sound when he gets hearing aids or cochlear implants. The process of learning to listen takes experience and time. Families are an essential part of that process. They use everyday occurrences to enjoy exploring sounds with their child. Parents can pause, expect the child to […]

Keep on Talking

Keep on Talking, The Pre- and Post- Implant Process

You have made the decision to provide your child with a cochlear implant. You might be wondering about what you can do before the surgery, while you wait for activation and after the first mapping. Here are simple suggestions your family can consider. Your child’s speech therapist and cochlear implant […]