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Program Calendar 2019-2020

Education Programs

Parent-Infant Program (Birth - 3) Los Angeles/Long Beach

  • An individualized service provided in home-like settings for families.
  • Friday Family School - A center-based program offered in LA includes children's programs, parent support and adult education groups.

Dickinson C. Ross Center for Education & Innovation (2 ½ -5) L.A. 

Preschool Program 

  • Auditory Verbal - Listening, language, and speech - enriched program for children with hearing loss.
  • Inclusion - Language-enriched immersion program with extended day option for peers.

Auditory-Verbal Therapy (LSL Cert. AVT)

Offered as individualized, preschool program support, community-based, or telepractice services.

2020 School Calendar

Program Schedule
Jan 6 School Resumes
Feb 17 Presidents' Holiday
Apr 6-10 Spring Break
May 25 Memorial Holiday
Jun 1-26 Extended School Year (ESY)
July 12-24 International Session English
Friday Family School (FFS)
All Fridays in Jan, Feb, Mar
Apr 6, 17, 24 (No FFS Apr 10)
All Fridays in May