Every Step of the Way… A Special Holiday Message


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Dear Friend of JTC,

For parents who have a young child with hearing loss, John Tracy Clinic is their bright beacon of hope.  It is the place they can count on for guidance and encouragement to realize success for their child that they once thought was impossible.  With our renowned early intervention services – from pediatric audiology, family counseling and support, and listening and speaking skill development to our parent-infant and preschool programs, JTC’s team of professionals are here for them every step of the way.

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During this season of giving thanks, I want you to know how your generosity matters so much to the many families we serve every single day.

When parents discover their child has a hearing loss, finding who and where to turn for help can be a stressful and daunting experience. But from the moment they walk through our doors, they know they have found a compassionate place with early intervention expertise that can make a life changing difference for their child. The experience of parent Brenda Gonzalez and her children is similar to that of thousands of parents we see each year.

When I first discovered Alexa had a bi-lateral hearing loss I was in shock, disbelief, upset, sad and mad at myself all at the same time. Alexa was diagnosed when she was 10 months old. It took a couple of weeks for it to really sink in that my daughter was deaf. I thought about the last 10 months and how she had never heard me tell her I love her.

The day I learned about Alexa’s hearing loss the audiologist gave me a pamphlet about JTC and said he highly recommended I give them a call. So I did call and spoke with Mary Steinwinter. She gave me all the info and said they actually had a parent class that Tuesday night, so I went and didn’t leave until my second child, Kevin, graduated!

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Every Step of the Way

Left to right – Alexa, Brenda and Kevin Gonzalez

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When Kevin was born I already knew he had a possibility of having hearing loss. When I found out that he too had a profound loss, I was ready for the challenge. I knew I was at the best possible place — JTC — and all I could think of was getting him aided and receiving services as early as possible because through JTC I learned this makes such a difference as part of early intervention.  

I would say if it weren’t for John Tracy Clinic my kids would have not developed to be as successful as they are today. JTC gave me what was most crucial when my kids were young, which was support to help my children become better listeners and speakers and advocates for themselves. JTC has been my guide in this amazing journey. I’d most definitely be lost without their help.

Both Alexis and Kevin are now high achievers in mainstream school, with the speech, language and listening skills to succeed and thrive in the hearing world.

For the many families like Brenda’s, John Tracy Clinic is here to help them every step of the way, from their child’s infancy until they are kindergarten-ready. Thanks to donors like you, they can depend on John Tracy Clinic to ensure hearing loss won’t stand in the way of their child’s developmental and communications success in the hearing world.

This Holiday Season, please make a life changing gift to John Tracy Clinic, so that we can be a bright beacon of hope for more children like Alexis and Kevin. Thank you.



                                                                                                                      Gaston Kent

                                                                                                                      President and CEO

How Your Gift can make a Life Changing Difference

$50                  Funds one lesson for a family in our Worldwide Parent Education program

$100                Provides a child with one individual speech therapy session

$500                Gives two children a comprehensive audiological evaluation

$1,000             Supports one week of participation for one family in a JTC Summer Session

$2,500             Provides one year of new books and supplies for a JTC preschool classroom

$5,000             Helps fund 6 months of JTC Parent-Infant Program services for one family.

$25,000           Funds a half year of preschool and speech therapy for one child

Note Gifts of $500 and above will be honored on our lobby marquee and website for thousands of thankful families to see. All gifts are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law, and will be recognized in the year they are received.

We also offer a variety of planned giving opportunities for you to help us extend a bright beacon of hope for families, like the Gonzalez Family, well into the future. Please contact our Development Office today to learn more at jperlmutter@jtc.org / tel. (213) 748-5481, ext. 229. Or visit our donation information page.

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