Dear Friends & Families of JTC,

As we begin our 76th year in service to this community, we look forward to the changes ahead. This fall, we will transition into a new modern facility just down the street from our existing campus. We will offer the same services, staff, and support on which you have come to rely, and as we face our promising future together, we look forward to expanding our programs in our new building.

From our very beginning, Mrs. Louise Tracy believed that JTC is not a building but a worldwide movement, empowering parents to act as their child’s best advocate. When a family comes to JTC, they find more than a clinic; they receive the family-centered education, encouragement, guidance, and support they need for their child.

Mrs. Tracy created a movement. We have evolved JTC’s family-centered methodology to be provided through direct service, social media, and online services to families around the world. In short, we are no longer just a clinic but a world-wide center of Listening and Spoken Language education. With reverence to Mrs. Tracy’s words and the work she inspired, we are pleased to announce that we are becoming the John Tracy Center.

Our commitment to support our families will remain unwavering, and our new name only represents all that we already do. We remain the same organization you have come to trust.

We are so grateful that you have partnered with JTC in this exciting time. With your support in this journey, we know that we will sustain this movement for years to come, so that countless families can experience the hope, guidance, and encouragement that you have come to know at JTC. Thank you for embracing this future with us.

With gratitude,

Gaston Kent

President & CEO

Posted in FEB 2019, NEWSLETTER.