As a longstanding leader in the field of early intervention services for young children with hearing loss, JTC is pleased to share knowledge and resources with professionals in the field. The following materials are currently available for professionals.

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JTC’s Ideas and Advice Topics for Your Practice!
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Children’s Hearing Milestones
Understanding Your Child’s Hearing Tests
First Words for Parents Learning About Hearing Loss
Audiogram of Familiar Sounds
Where to Begin
Baby’s First Hearing Aid!
Making the Most of Your Child’s Audiology Appointments
Middle Ear Fluid and Its Effects on Early Learning
Addressing ANSD (Auditory Neuropathy Spectrum Disorder)
Inquiring about Cochlear Implants
FM systems…a little tech that’s a big help
Early Expectations for a Child with a Cochlear Implant
Unilateral Hearing Loss is Unique


Learn to Listen Through Sound Fun
Eyes on Experience Books (Using Homemade Books)
Let’s Sing!
Thirty-Two Terrific Tasks for Preschool Language Fun
Fun in the Kitchen
Including Siblings
Strengthening Social Skills for Special Days
We’re Going on Vacation
Technology With Tots


Keep on Talking, The Pre- and Post- Implant Process
Advancing Auditory Abilities of New Listeners
Some Common Sounds
Listening with Ling Six
Follow Their Lead
Routines: A remarkable way to learn language
Purposeful Pausing
Constant Conversation
Assessing Expressive Language: A Language Sample
Building your Child’s Bilingual Skills
Pragmatic Skills Checklist
Speech and Spoken Language
Asking About Acoustic Highlighting
Stages of Listening, Language & Speech Development
Speaking with Your Speech Therapist


School Readiness: Check a Child’s Hearing
Reading Regularly to a Young Child with Hearing Loss
Improving Behavior by Increasing Communication
Busy Parents, Caring for your Child and You
Communicating Clearly with Young Children with Hearing Loss: Tips for Home & School
Preparing for Preschool
Successful Strategies for Starting School Services
School Time!
The Leader of Your Child’s Educational Team: YOU
Meet My Child!

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