In Memoriam: Marge Perkins

We mourn the recent passing of long-time Desert Friend volunteer and supporter, Marge Perkins. She was a true advocate and cheerleader for John Tracy Clinic through her work with our Desert Friends guild. Some of her fellow Desert Friends shared some sweet memories of Marge through the years:

Dave and Marge were married for 62 years. They met when they were three, went to the same high school and university and married after Dave’s first year in Medical School.

Volunteerism was a part of her retired life. Marge joined Desert Friends of John Tracy Clinic and quickly got involved. She served for three years as President of the guild and assisted with the Community Hearing Screening program for many years.  She loved the chance to be in the classroom with the children and later joined the committee to administer the program.

When her husband retired as President of The Lakes Country Club, it was tradition to give the "First Lady" a gift as well. Marge graciously declined her gift and asked that a donation in her name be given to John Tracy Clinic instead.

Marge was a dedicated member of our Guild.  A quiet but guiding hand, always so calm and poised.  I don't think I ever saw her ruffled. 

All the members of Desert Friends of John Tracy Clinic will miss our dear friend, Marge. She loved all her charitable work and gave so much to our Desert Friends guild. 

(photo: Marge receiving her yucca pendant, a traditional gift from John Tracy Clinic to guild presidents)

In Memoriam: Marge Perkins