International Summer Session Application Process Opens

The 2015 process has begun! JTC is reviewing applications from parents across the U.S. and the world. Families can apply for International Summer Sessions when they are interested in spoken language for their children ages 2 1/2 to 5 who use hearing aids, cochlear implants (CIs) or an auditory brainstem implant (ABI). The primary students are the parents who gain strategies to support their child’s listening, language, and speech. The Spanish Session is May 31 to June 12.  The English Session is June 21 to July 10. Days are filled with language experiences for preschool and educational presentations for parents.  Families also learn from and support each other as they become more informed about hearing loss and the auditory-verbal approach. Space is limited but applications are accepted until the program and the waiting list are full. 

Parents interested in attending should contact  with the age of their child, listening device used and current concerns. Directions for how to apply are provided after this contact.  

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Recently parents shared these thoughts:

You guys just made everything so easy there. I don’t think we will ever be surrounded by so many people who “get it” again. JTC was our first positive experience with hearing loss.  I love seeing all the mountains these kiddos are moving. 2014 Parent USA

You gave us so much knowledge. We shall use these tools to provide our daughter with the assistance that she needs to achieve the wonderful things that life has in store for her.  2014 Parent India

JTC ‘s summer session was a life changing event.  It was the first time that we saw the whole picture of how we can support our child with hearing loss. Now we have hope for our son. 2013 Parent Venezuela

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International Summer Session Application Process Opens