JTC Announces a New Parent Toddler Discovery Program

LOS ANGELES, CA, February 5, 2016 – John Tracy Clinic (JTC), a non-profit diagnostic and education center for young children with hearing loss, announced today the launch of their new “Parent Toddler Discovery Program.” Taking place from July 10 – 15, 2016, the new program will be available as part of this year’s JTC Summer Sessions schedule.

JTC Announces a New Parent Toddler Discovery ProgramThe new Parent Toddler Discovery Program is designed for parents to help their two year old children with hearing loss to establish strong early listening, language and speech abilities. It is based on the knowledge that parents are their children’s first conversation partners and can be their best ones too!

“JTC is excited about serving families when their toddlers are ready for more interactions but a large group class does not developmentally meet their needs,” said Anne McNally, director, Worldwide Parent Education, JTC. “The full one week program allows both the parents and the toddler to fully participate in a supportive setting and learn together. The play-based educational experiences are designed to promote the interactions between the parent and child. The personalized parent coaching and frequent child observations are guided by multiple professionals in early childhood hearing loss.”

The Parent Toddler Discovery Program provides parents with individualized opportunities to enhance their communication and practice using specific strategies to build their toddler’s audition and spoken language skills. This essential foundation prepares the family for when the child becomes three and is ready to benefit from more structured education and therapy.  More information about the program is available on our website.

Other JTC Summer Sessions in 2016 include an Extended School Year (ESY) program, from May 31st through June 17th, for local Southern California, along with JTC’s renowned InternationalJTC Announces a New Parent Toddler Discovery Program Preschool Sessions. Conducted as separate multi-week programs – one for Spanish speakers, slated for June 19th to July 1st, and one for English speakers, slated for July 17th – 29th – the International Preschool Sessions are designed for parents and their preschoolers (ages 3 through 5) who have hearing loss. Families from around the U.S. and the globe travel to JTC to learn to guide their young child’s early listening, language and speech needed to attend school with hearing peers. Parents acquire strategies to promote their child’s educational readiness; it also is a unique in-person opportunity to share their experiences and ideas and to bond with other families from other regions of the world.

Here is a sample of parent comments from the surveys JTC conducted anonymously at the close of last summer’s programs –

 JTC Announces a New Parent Toddler Discovery ProgramThe summer session has been the best thing to happen to us! It helped us to understand more about our daughter’s difficulties and strengths, and above all, it made us realize that we have the power to ask for what she needs and to always raise our expectations. We are going back full of hope. – Parent from United Kingdom

 I felt understood. I have received information that is very useful… where my son is now and also good strategies that will serve us for the next steps. The professionals have much knowledge and experience and it has been a pleasure to hear them. The organization of classes and materials, plus the logistics of our stay, faultless! Thanks from our hearts. It will be a before and after in our lives. – Parent from Spain

JTC is now accepting application inquiries for all of its Summer Session programs.

About JTC

Headquartered in Los Angeles, with services in both L.A. and Long Beach, California, John Tracy Clinic (JTC) is a leading non-profit 501(c)(3) organization, with a mission to provide parent-centered services to young children with hearing loss, offering hope, guidance and encouragement. Our goals are to help children develop the speech, language and listening skills they need to thrive in the hearing world. Further, we equip their parents with the necessary knowledge and training to help their children achieve their full communication potentials.

Our services include comprehensive pediatric audiological evaluations, a parent-infant program, auditory-verbal therapy services, family and parent support programs, counseling services, distance education, an auditory verbal preschool, as well as professional education, including a master’s degree program in partnership with Mount Saint Mary’s University Los Angeles.

JTC was founded in 1943 by Louise Treadwell Tracy, wife of late actor Spencer Tracy, and named after their son John, who was born deaf. Today, JTC is one of the world’s first and most acclaimed private providers of audiology diagnostics, education, resources and support for families who have infants or young children with hearing loss. Our core programs serve more than 2,500 families annually.

Visit www.jtc.org for more information.

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