John Tracy Clinic Announces Vivosonic Hearing Diagnostics Partnership


LOS ANGELES, CA, May 21, 2015 – John Tracy Clinic (JTC), a non-profit diagnostic and education center for young children with hearing loss, announced today a hearing diagnostic equipment partnership with Vivosonic, a manufacturer of hearing diagnostic measurement and newborn hearing screening device technologies.=

With the support of Vivosonic, JTC’s Audiology Services Department has acquired a new Integrity V500 System. JTC’s audiology professionals provide comprehensive audiological evaluations to more than 2,500 infants and toddlers each year to determine whether or not they have a hearing loss. The Integrity V500 System will provide JTC’s audiologists with innovative auditory evoked response detection technology to help ensure their continued delivery of the highest level of diagnostic assessment services.

“Since JTC is a private non-profit provider, we are dependent on support from organizations, such as Vivosonic, for functional, reliable technology equipment that can keep pace with the high demand for our pediatric audiology services,” said Claire Sanchez, director, Audiology Services, JTC. “We are grateful to have the Vivosonic product and look forward to putting the latest technology to great use for the benefit of the infants, toddlers and their parents who depend on us for comprehensive, high quality results.”

“We are pleased to continue our partnership with John Tracy Clinic. They have used the Vivosonic Integrity V500 ABR system for many years and their new Integrity system will help provide ABR diagnostic services to many more families,” said Mike Schnekenburger, President and CEO, Vivosonic. “The equipment is infant and parent friendly.  The Integrity V500 lets clinics perform assessments without sedation on awake, quiet patients or on patients in natural sleep. The unique technology and wireless capabilities allow caregivers to comfort and carry a child during testing to keep them calm and sleeping to facilitate a faster test result.” 

About JTC

John Tracy Clinic (JTC), a non-profit 501(c)3 organization, provides parent-centered services to young children with hearing loss locally and globally. JTC is one of the world's largest private providers of services to newborns and young children who have, or are suspected of having, a hearing loss. JTC is a unique provider of a full array of audiological, developmental and educational programs for children, ages 0 to 5, with hearing loss and their parents. Further, JTC offers distance educations services to parents in all 50 states and more than 60 countries around the globe. JTC provides exclusively spoken-language programs so that hearing-impaired children prepare for mainstream classrooms. It recently transitioned its Dickinson C. Ross Preschool to an inclusion-based program, opening its doors to language model children who do not have hearing loss, allowing them to benefit from the academic and language-rich curriculum. JTC offers an accredited master's and credential program to help meet the national demand for auditory/oral teachers of the deaf. JTC serves thousands of families per year.

About Vivosonic

Vivosonic Inc. is a leader in the development of innovative technologies to enhance auditory evoked response detection. Vivosonic develops, manufactures and markets medical devices for hearing diagnostic measurement and newborn hearing screening. The Company is an ISO 13485 certified manufacturer with its products marketed and sold through a global distributor network in over 55 countries. The Company holds patents on proprietary algorithm techniques and the award-winning Amplitrode® technology for evoked potential signal filtering and amplification. The Vivosonic Integrity™ V500 System, with one or two channel recording, is a unique diagnostic device that provides superior, faster, response detection and better handling of myogenic artifact while minimizing electromagnetic interference. Vivosonic is recognized in the industry for developing innovative solutions to every day clinical problems and for providing exceptional customer service. Visit for more information.

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