John Tracy Center now offers comprehensive services for young children with hearing loss, from birth through 17 years of age, and their parents. We specialize in spoken language development to meet the preferences of the majority of families we serve. Our work guides each parent on how to nurture their own child’s individual listening and language/speech potential. Through our programs, parents learn to become their children’s foremost mentor and advocate.

Ultimately, we help parents to optimize their children’s future communications success in the hearing world. Often the children develop abilities to communicate effectively with their hearing peers by the time they are ready to begin kindergarten.



  • Ages served: Parents and their children from birth to age 6. Children participating in our new individualized School Age Services Program are ages 5 to 18.
  • All children have various levels of hearing loss and amplification needs.
  • Roughly 73% of our on-site families are low- to moderate-income.


John Tracy Center pursues four goals for each child we serve:

  1. Detect hearing loss at the earliest possible time in a child's life.
  2. Provide parents with emotional, social and educational support and resources to become confident advocates for their child.
  3. Provide each child with optimal access to sound, spoken language and social-developmental activities.
  4. Prepare children for spoken-language kindergarten classrooms.

Integrated Program Schedules