International Sessions (Summer)

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Application process opens January 15, 2020


2020 Dates TBA



2020 Dates TBA


Bringing Families Together from Around the Globe!

John Tracy Center (JTC’s) Los Angeles, California campus offers several specially designed education experiences for parents and their young children with hearing loss who are using spoken language. The families come from many countries including the U.S.

Families attend intensive learning programs that explore childhood hearing loss, auditory-verbal techniques, language development, emotional support and educational services. Parents actively participate daily with their children in listening and language based learning experiences. Specialists provide parent coaching, adult instruction and child observations.

General inquiries on eligibility or specific questions about family needs can be sent to pals@jtc.orgPlease include parent’s concerns, child’s age, and listening device. This initial information should also be included when a parent asks for an application. The directions to apply are provided after mid-January when JTC staff have communicated online with a family about their interest. The application requires an audiology report from the past six months.

Parent Toddler Discovery Program

This week-long program, simultaneously offered in English and Spanish, is designed for parents and their toddler ages 18 to 35 months. The families apply to discover how to support their child's spoken language development needed at this critical age to be ready for typical preschool settings. Parents achieve skills to become their toddler’s conversational partners.

International Preschool Sessions

This program, conducted in separate multi-week sessions in English and Spanish, is designed for parents and their preschooler ages 3 through 5 years old. The families apply to learn to guide their preschooler’s early listening, language, and speech needed to attend school with hearing peers. Parents acquire strategies to promote their preschooler’s educational readiness.

(There is also an extended school year (ESY) session in June for students in JTC’s year round preschool)
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