JTC’s Parent Toddler Discovery Program

International Session Application Information

Session date: July 7–12, 2019

(Session meets for 5 full weekdays)

Application process opens January 23, 2019

Toddler Discovery Program
Open to families who speak English or Spanish and reside across the globe including the U.S. The session is held on JTC's Los Angeles campus.
Eligibility Includes:
  • Completion of application form provided by JTC after initial contact from family
  • Toddler age 18 to 35 months old whose primary need is hearing loss
  • Use of hearing aid or implant and spoken language as communication approach
  • Toddler, parent and one other adult able to attend the full five days of session
Program Provides:
  • Experience-based morning program for parents to guide their toddlers’ communication
  • Adult education full afternoon program for parents to discover emerging toddler skills
  • Creative play based small group activities designed for toddler and parent discovery
  • Formal presentations and observations of audition, language and child development
  • Individualized instruction by JTC experts on language, listening and speech strategies
  • Opportunities for discussions and support groups on roles, devices and education

This program is designed for parents and toddlers with hearing loss using hearing aids or implants whose families aim to support early spoken language development. It is offered in English and Spanish.  Two adults must enroll with each toddler to accommodate the developmentally appropriate schedule. One parent participates in the group setting with the toddler in morning activities.  While the toddler naps in the afternoon back in individual housing with one adult family member, the parent attends adult sessions. (There is no sibling program offered.) The parents will discover, practice and learn skills to help their toddlers achieve peer-level communication outcomes and be ready for inclusive preschool settings.

This highly specialized annual program is small and the spaces are limited. The application process begins mid-January and continues until the program is full. The application is done online. Acceptance is based on space available, eligibility and date when the completed application is received.  Sessions fill up months ahead of time. After a family is notified of their acceptance, there is ongoing communication to help prepare for attending.

Contact pals@jtc.org for more information. Include in the inquiry the child’s age, listening device(s) being used and any current concerns. Intsructions for applying to the International Session will be provided to parents after their initial request has been discussed.

JTC Parent Toddler Discovery Program Costs

Each accepted family must pay the costs for their transportation, housing, food, and Internation Session services. As a non-profit, JTC needs to charge fees to assist with covering a small portion of the actual costs incurred. There are no scholarships or financial assistance available from JTC. A suggestion for families desiring financial aid is to look for support from their home communities. Prices are in United States Dollars (USD) and payments for JTC services can be made by credit card. Apartment fees are set by the university and can be paid by cash or credit card.

JTC International Session 2019 Fee Payment due date
Parent Toddler Discovery Program $790 parent(s) and one toddler with hearing loss for the whole session Within two weeks of acceptance***
Second toddler with hearing loss in same family +$475 for the whole session within two weeks of acceptance***
Family Housing 2019 Fee Payment due date
Furnished two-bedroom university student apartment near JTC $399 for seven nights paid to the university first day of the session

Note: There is no sibling program offered

Download Parent Toddler Discovery Program Flyer

*** Refund Policy:
If family cancels 30 or more days prior to session start date, 80% of payment is refundable
If family cancels less than 30 days from session start date, there is no refund regardless of the reason for cancellation