John Tracy Center Parent-Infant Program is the first step in the complex process of preparing a child with hearing loss for the transition to a spoken-language preschool or kindergarten.

In the Parent-Infant Program, certified teaching staff guide parents on how to create a language-rich environment for their deaf child through everyday activities, a critical element in building a deaf child’s ability to develop listening and language skills.

Families in the Parent-Infant Program receive comprehensive audiological, developmental and educational services. The program features three on-site components designed to empower parents to encourage their child’s auditory awareness and language development.

  • Demonstration Home, offering individualized sessions with a certified auditory-verbal therapist in a home-like setting at our Los Angeles and Long Beach campuses.
  • Friday Family School, during which children play with their peers while their parents learn with their child and participate in educational and group counseling sessions.
  • Parent Classes and Support Groups, which help parents to build a foundation of knowledge, confidence and skills to make informed decisions for their child’s future. Learn more! Contact Belle Garcia, JTC’s Education Dept. at or (213) 748-5481. Ext. 257.

To learn more, contact Belle Garcia, JTC’s Education Dept. at or (213) 748-5481. Ext. 257.

If you are outside of Southern California, we offer a Distance Education option for our Parent-Infant Program. Visit our Distance Education section of our website to learn more. The course is offered in both English and Spanish.