Parent Voices have Global Reach

Letter from John Tracy Clinic’s President and CEO Gaston Kent

June 2016

Dear Friend of JTC,

The adage “knowledge is power” can apply to most areas of our lives. But for parents around the world who have children with hearing loss, “sharing knowledgeParent Voices have Global Reach” is the real power in affecting change for others. At JTC, we see it with parents every day, on a global scale, in the knowledge we share through our online Worldwide Parent Education services.

Your gift today can help JTC continue to share our knowledge and provide listening, speech and language skills to more children around the globe who have hearing loss.

Often, JTC’s online services are the only early intervention opportunities for pediatric hearing loss available for families in countries and rural communities abroad. This has led to skyrocketing demand for JTC’s Worldwide Parent Education program. A testament to the life changing impact of our work can be seen in the number of parents who, through their own participation in our services, have been inspired to share the knowledge they’ve gained with others in their communities who have children with hearing loss. Here are just a few examples —

  • A father in the UK became a presenter at the Global Coalition on Hearing Loss and described JTC’s services;
  • A mother in Hawaii worked on legislation to help children with hearing loss there;
  • A father in India started a foundation and a website to help families get funding and information about cochlear implants;
  • A mother in the UAE helped create a resource network for families and was invited to contribute a chapter in a book on auditory verbal therapy (AVT);
  • Andrew Geary, a father in Ireland, became inspired to start a program to train service dogs for deaf people. “We will be forever grateful for JTC putting a sparkle in our little boy’s eyes and awareness that there are loads of other children just like him,” he said. “We would love to help other families in any way we can.”
Parent Voices have Global Reach

Mawandia Family: Megha, Reha, Vishal and Diya 2013 JTC International Session

  • Megha Mawandia, a mother in India, who is getting another degree to provide support services for families, said “I remember when I was new and lost and was inspired by parents I met at JTC and now these families are looking at me for inspiration. I feel privileged to be able to share and relive our journey with these people. If I make a difference in the life of one parent I will feel a real sense of achievement to pay back to society what I have got from it. I see how the circle connects.”

With your continued support, we can achieve our goal of helping more children with hearing loss across the globe to listen, speak and thrive in the hearing world. Your gift can make a difference in our ability to continue providing the best tools, resources and professionals that parents require to help their children wherever they reside. Since our inception, JTC’s renowned parent-centered education and diagnostic services have helped close to half a million boys and girls prepare for academic success and to communicate on par with their hearing peers by the time they reach kindergarten.

On behalf of the many families we serve, thank you for your support of John Tracy Clinic.


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Gaston Kent
President and CEO

With the impact of our Worldwide Parent Education services, JTC’s Founder Louise Treadwell Tracy’s philosophy is proving timeless for growing numbers of parents around the globe —

What you do for your child will help all deaf children.

What you do for all parents and their deaf children will help your deaf child.

What you get out of life, you must give back.

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