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International Sessions for Toddler & Preschool

This program, conducted in separate multi-week sessions in English and Spanish, is designed for parents with their toddlers and preschoolers ages 2 through 5 years old. The families apply to learn to guide their child's early listening, language, and speech needed to attend school with hearing peers. Parents acquire strategies to promote educational readiness of their toddlers and preschoolers.

English International Sessions

Bringing Families Together from Around the Globe!

John Tracy Center (JTC's) Los Angeles, California campus offers several specially designed education experiences for parents and their young children with hearing loss who are using spoken language. The families come from many countries including the U.S.

Families attend intensive learning programs that explore childhood hearing loss, auditory-verbal techniques, language development, emotional support and educational services. Parents actively participate daily with their children in listening and language based learning experiences. Specialists provide parent coaching, adult instruction and child observations.

Summer Session

In Their Own Words

Comments from Parents about Their Multi-Week Virtual Session Experience 2020

Excellent crash learning experience that energizes a parent to do better for their child. The two weeks are all about increasing knowledge, getting to know other families from around the world and sharing experiences full of emotions. (Pakistan)

This session has changed our complete outlook on communication with our child. It allowed us to recognize the progress that she has made so far and gives us hope for the future. The team at JTC are so knowledgeable and generous with their time. (Ireland)

We learned an incredible amount of information that we easily include in our day to day to help support our child's listening and speaking. (USA)

It was an amazing course! It definitely helped guide me to what I need to do next at this point of our child's progress. I benefited from parents experiences as much as I did from all the packed with knowledge presentations. (Dubai)

t is a turning point for the beginning of our children's path with hearing loss, you are the best guides, with wonderful professionals and experts in the subject, it is the best life experience for a family with a child with hearing loss. Without a doubt, the best experience of our lives! (Mexico)

A great, unique and unforgettable experience, a very positive opportunity for my family and I. (Paraguay)

During the pandemic this virtual experience has been the best thing that has ever happened to me.. I felt hope for my son's future and understood that for him to get over it, I must put together a work plan in conjunction with my family. I must be a mom with clear strategies on how to help develop my child's language. I have felt empowered and although the path is not easy all the strategies I learned will be of great use. (Ecuador)

JTC is the perfect place. You'll find the best professionals in all the areas you need to be prepared to face a child's hearing loss: auditory verbal therapy, technology and psychology. (Argentina)

It is not easy to get used to participating via on the internet but in the face of the crisis of COVID it has become an ideal environment. (Colombia)