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JTC's Listening Spoken Language (LSL) Lab

2022 International English (Summer) Session
Format and June Dates TBA
Application Process Opens Jan/Feb 2022

Open to English speaking families worldwide including the U.S.

The primary student is the parent participating to gain understanding of listening, language and speech development as well as educational support. Families will also interact with other families who share perspectives that create a supportive atmosphere for coping, learning, planning, and sharing.

Applying Requires:

Completion of application form and copy of recent audiology report

Preschooler age 24 to 72 months whose primary need is hearing loss

Use of hearing aid, CI, or ABI and spoken language communication

Child available to interact for a part of family's LSL appointments

Computer screen, reliable internet and access to Zoom platform

Program Provides:

Parent education classes

Group circle time activities

Individual LSL appointments

Support groups with counselors

Consultation with audiologists

Benefits Include:

Join from any time zone

Family participates at home

Obtain useful info and ideas

Confer with JTC professionals

Receive a personal LSL report

LSL Lab Fee

This 10 day online interactive session price of US$ 430 includes: classes, forums, support groups, consultations, counseling, circle times and LSL appointments. As a non-profit, JTC charges a fee to help cover a portion of actual costs incurred. Payments are made by credit card after application is accepted.

*** Refund Policy:
If a family cancels 7 or more days prior to session start date, 90% of payment is refundable.  If cancellation is less than 7 days before the start, there is no refund regardless of the reason for cancelling.

Interested in Participating?

If you would like to learn more about our services please give us a call at (213) 748-5481 ext. 244 or fill out the request form below: