Sibling Essay: My JTC Summer

JTC's Summer Session may include a sibling program when the number of elementary age brothers and sisters able to attend meets the group size minimum. The following is an essay written by a big sister from a recent summer session.

by Amelia

My sister, Evie, has an ABI (auditory brainstem implant) and in the summer 2013 she and mum flew off to America. I joined them 2 weeks later. My sister was in the JTC preschool and me and my three brothers went into the sibling program.

The sibling program was great because although I had met children with deafness, I had never met a sibling of a child with deafness. At JTC I met lots of different children from all over the world. My sister’s deafness is rare because she is missing her auditory nerves. I met one little girl who had a sister also missing her auditory nerves and had an ABI. 

I learnt lots of things about the ear which I had not learnt before. I learnt that most children are deaf because of their cochlea hair cells not working. I learnt the inside of the ear. I learnt how to put a hearing aid on and lots more.

JTC did lots of activities involving our parents. I liked this because I was able to talk with my mum without any distractions. We also ate lunch without my sister every day. I liked this because we could discuss about our day and just generally chat.

The activities we did included: cake baking, friendship bracelet making, painting and a water day. I enjoyed this because it made me feel like a young child again.

Altogether I really enjoyed JTC and would love to visit again. I also loved America especially Disney, Bubba Gump shrimp, Las Vegas and Universal studios. I look forward to visiting again soon.

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