Some Common Sounds


If you have normal hearing, you probably tend to overlook many sounds in your everyday living environment.  You probably don’t think about the hum of a computer, whir of the ceiling fan, or the bang of something being dropped.  Little hearing-impaired children need to learn about these many sounds that are part of the everyday world.  This list of common sounds will give you ideas about what to point out to your child as you help him develop his listening skills.

You can think up many more!

Indoor sounds Some softer sounds Human noises
vacuum cleaner clock's tick-tock laughing
washing machine dishes being put away sneezing
dryer paper being crumpled coughing
garbage disposal refrigerator clearing throat
pencil sharpener water running blowing nose
doors closing, banging, coffee percolating yawning
doorbell liquids being poured crying
pots and pans toast being scraped snoring
timer click of light switch clapping
alarm clock match being struck whistling
clock's chimes or cuckoo hum of fluorescent light humming
object being dropped radio playing in another room hiccupping
something shattering pages being turned brushing teeth
furnace trash compactor washing hands
stove fan coins or keys clinking in pocket or purse taking a shower
chair being moved away from table noise of traffic heard through closed window burping
fire going in fireplace wind blowing outside window playing Ping-Pong
TV sewing machine zipping up a jacket
music pot bubbling on stove sipping through a straw
electric razor liquid being shaken in container kissing
electric mixer drawer being closed playing jacks
hair dryer fly buzzing jumping
smoke alarm hum of a computer people talking in another room
telephone ceiling fan running
knock at the door air conditioner chewing, (especially celery, peanuts, or potato chips)
microwave squeak of the floor under someone's footsteps
background music in store
Indoor Activities
Making salad: cutting, tearing ingredients; spoon hitting bowl when tossing
Washing dishes: water running; disposal; dropping utensils into sink or dishpan, dishwasher
Making popcorn: shaking popcorn in box; shaking popcorn; popping
Setting the table: placing eating utensils; pouring water or milk
Making cookies: cracking eggs, beating mixture, scraping bowl
Making instant pudding: opening outer and inner packages, beating mixture, scraping bowl
Making toast and jelly: toaster; cutting toast
Sweeping the floor: swish of broom; dropping broom
Wrapping a package: paper crinkling; scissors cutting
Putting away tools: hammer, saw, drill, file
Putting away toys
Musical instruments Outdoor noises Quiet outside noises
drum thunder footsteps on sidewalk
horn fire engine distant traffic
tambourine foghorn approaching car or bus
stringed instruments airplane car horn on next street
bells truck key turning in lock
toy piano train's rumble door being opened
xylophone train's whistle wind in trees
musical mobiles bus stopping constant rumble of city
(make your own, like putting blocks in a
plastic bottle or beating a wooden spoon against a pan)
car horn distant train
car coming into driveway dog barking down the street
Noisemaking Toys walking through dry leaves children's voices in a backyard
blocks leaves being raked birds singing
whistles branch rubbing house in breeze mower running on next road or street
rattles rainstorm laundry flapping on line
squeaky toys hail lawn sprinkler going
clicking toys wind howling rain
chalk on chalkboard baseball bat or tennis racket
carpenter's bench hitting ball Working noises
motorboat drilling
surf breaking wood
bonfire shoveling
wind chimes, ceramic, metal, or plastic trimming hedges or borders
trash truck sanding
mowing lawn
chopping wood
walking on the roof