Child Changes

Recent Quotes from Parent Participants in JTC’s Distance Education Program
“Our experience with JTC was life changing. It was the first time that we saw the whole picture of how we can support our child with hearing loss. Now we have hope for our son.”

“Our daughter went in less than one year from not being able to say ‘Good Morning’ to reading, counting backwards from 20, singing her ABCs and scoring a 96% in her school tests.”

“Our son is an amazing, curious, outgoing, little boy who is self-confident, outspoken about his ideas, always asking questions and telling me stories about his day.”

“Our sons with cochlear implants swim every weekend and play on soccer teams. They are doing exceptionally well academically and have a rich circle of “buddies” who they play with regularly.”

“Our daughter now enjoys pretend play, telling stories, dancing to music, communicating in sentences and is starting to initiate conversations with children she meets.”

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