Distance Education for Parents

Online Resources

JTC's Worldwide Parent Education course materials are designed to be developmentally appropriate for children who are age birth through five. Video tips and easy example sheets explain spoken language strategies in simple steps for families to follow. A family of a child with hearing loss older than six years, and professionals needing parent materials for families they serve can check JTC's Ideas & Advice. These quick handouts contain suggestions helpful for ages birth to eight and may be adapted for children who are elementary school age.

Worldwide Parent Education

JTC currently offers parent distance education opportunities worldwide tailored to the stages of development of young children who are deaf or hard of hearing. Materials and suggestions emphasize listening and spoken language but can be adapted for any communication approach including sign language.


Mini Manual on Hearing Loss
Designed for use by families in the first few years after identification of their child’s hearing loss, this manual summarizes initial information, provides considerations for decision making and gives suggestions on support. It has separate sections about hearing loss, communication and parent roles. Extended learning ideas help parents recognize what they know, consider how they feel and identify steps they wish to take.

Baby Book
Geared toward infants and toddlers (i.e., birth to two), these booklets discuss early hearing loss, infant-toddler development, parent-child communication and learning through play. Suggestions are given for emphasizing communication through natural routines. Parents can choose specific ideas to encourage beginning language and auditory learning.

Preschool Packet

Developed with preschoolers in mind (i.e., ages two to five), this packet guides parents to encourage a child’s skills in listening, language, thinking, speech, pre-literacy, socialization, behaviors/emotions, imagination and school readiness. Parents discover the reasons for building learning into routines and how to support their child’s ongoing progress.

Other Online Education

JTC TALKS: Parents

For groups of parents located anywhere in the world! Parents who have young children with hearing loss can form groups for connecting to John Tracy Center educational live online video classes called JTC TALKS: PARENTS. The only equipment required is Internet access, a computer with a webcam, mic, speakers, and a monitor or projection screen.

AVT Telepractice

Families from around the world can connect with JTC’s auditory verbal therapists and spoken language specialists. Interactive, individual sessions via the Internet are available in English or Spanish. Sessions are individually designed and arranged to meet parent needs. Interested families can email JTC at pals@jtc.org.