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Age (0 – 2 yrs)

Baby Book

The Baby Course modules can be the beginning of understanding how to build your child's communication. It is reassuring and fun to do!

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Age (0 – 5 yrs)

Mini Course

The Mini Course sections can be a starting point for understanding your child's hearing loss and your role! It is practical and easy to follow.

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Age (2 – 5 yrs)

Preschool Packet

The Preschool Course chapters can be the foundation for advancing your child's progress. It is helpful and simple to try.

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What Other Parents Say

JTC Offers Additional Resources!

JTC has even more free information for parents. Our Ideas & Advice page has Parent Handouts that are designed to guide parents’ knowledge and skills in childhood hearing loss, listening, language and speech. We also have Video Tips showing specific strategies to encourage listening, language and speech!  Click the button to read the handouts or watch the videos.

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