Frequently Asked Question

Distance Education is a series of short courses specifically designed for parents of young children who are deaf or hard of hearing. The content covers hearing loss, communication development and educational support. Ideas are explained for encouraging children’s language and listening during natural routines. By understanding development and strategies, parents can guide their children’s interactions in spoken language, sign language or combined communication approaches.

Parents or guardians of children with hearing loss age five and younger can register from around the world. Families choose the Courses in either English or Spanish. Parents without internet access can request materials by mail.

Registration in JTC’s Distance Education for Parents is free-of-charge. There are more materials on JTC’s website for parents who do not wish to enroll.

No. The length of time children have benefitted from hearing aids or implants can impact their acquisition of listening and speech skills but they learn language in typical developmental ways. The ideas and info in Distance Education can be used with children using hearing aids, implants or no listening devices

Content is designed to be developmentally accurate and offer ideas for early language learning. Adaptations can be made for a young child’s abilities, interests, and experiences.

Yes. Information on specific topics can be read on JTC’s website and printed as PDF handouts for use by families and service providers.

Yes. Children age six or older learn best from activities appropriate for their age/grade level. The topics in JTC’s Ideas and Advice handouts can be adapted for elementary school age children.

With a new name and Listening Spoken Language (LSL) emphasis, JTC’s Distance Education materials and staff still offer hope, guidance and encouragement to parents.

Parents can register for Distance Education by completing a form available on JTC’s website. They then receive instant online access to courses. Parents can choose how much to read, what ideas to try and when to contact JTC staff.

No, Distance Education is designed for parents to use in natural routines. It is not a therapy guide or a speech curriculum. Parents can use the ideas in conjunction with other services.