Here is a few of what other parents say of JTC.

Thanks to the courses I can give so much to my daughter even though in my country resources are limited. I can teach her at home, in the car, at the market all because of JTC.
- Pakistan 2014
We have lots of new skills, strategies and experiences to use in our everyday lives and plenty to share with both professionals and other families who are on similar journeys.
- Canada 2014
My inspiration came from my daughter's determination but the confidence I now feel in helping my child can be attributed a whole lot to JTC's courses.
- Philippines 2013
It empowered us with tools and techniques to plan a roadmap for our daughter. We see definite light in our future and are absolutely confident that we can do our best.
- UAE 2013
JTC helps parents lessens our worries and keeps encouraging us in raising a child with hearing loss. We can always discuss anything at any time
- Indonesia 2014
We saw our son grow tremendously in listening, speech, and his behavior. We learned a ton to help us help our son be whatever he wants to be.
- USA 2014
The magnificent information provided by the JTC's preschool modules is a service to children with hearing loss and their families. My daughter started school and is doing satisfactorily.
- India 2014
I am in control due to the resources JTC has given me. I am a calm mommy now so my son senses that I know...he will be just fine.
- USA 2013
JTC helped to restore so much of the hope that we lost the day we got the diagnosis in the audiologist's office.
- Ireland 2014
This course gives parents great abilities to help our kids with simple examples, explanations and patient advice.
- Bulgaria 2012
JTC introduced us to the concept of advocacy, which will be critical for our success in making the right choices for our daughter.
- UK 2013
The support and tools given to us will allow us to better prepare ourselves and our child for the challenges to come.
- Honduras 2014