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The JTC Audiology Program currently offers an extensive range of diagnostic hearing services and recommendations for children of all ages, from newborns to the age of 18 years.


Our audiologists are experts in pediatric audiological assessments and can easily adapt standard testing procedures to meet a child's needs. We are a family-centered program, so our goal is to provide families with a thorough explanation of results and recommendations.


If a hearing loss is identified...parents are given written reports that detail their child's test results. If a hearing loss is identified, parents immediately meet with their audiologist and additional counseling or educational staff to receive an explanation of the implications of the diagnosis and possible continued support through John Tracy Center educational programs and/or other community resources.

Our audiologists confer regularly with pediatricians, hospital personnel, implant centers, otolaryngologists (ENT) and the coordination centers of the California State Newborn Hearing Screening Program to ensure the best possible services to families.