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Deaf and Hard of Hearing (DHH) Support

John Tracy Center provides School-Age Education Support and what can also be described as Deaf and Hard of Hearing (DHH) Support, for children from kindergarten through high school.  Services include school observations, in-services, transitional planning, itinerant teacher services, consulting services, independent educational assessments, providing individualized therapy, facilitating transitions to new schools, and offering families and students the resources they need to flourish.


School-Age Education Support

JTC's School-Age Education Support helps children with hearing loss, ages 5 to18, in mainstream classrooms access curriculum and learn. JTC teachers of the deaf and hard-of-hearing provide services that are required in a student's Individualized Educational Program. These may include assisting children with academic subjects while assessing their language, listening and speech skills, as well as monitoring the use of hearing technology in the classroom. Most general education teachers have never taught a child with hearing loss, so our specialists assist teachers in addressing students' learning challenges. Children with hearing loss in a mainstream classroom are often reluctant to draw attention to themselves by asking for clarification or assistance. Our teachers help them gain self-confidence so they can advocate for themselves.

Deaf and hard of hearing children have unique communication needs which can directly affect their personal development and educational growth.  John Tracy Center understands and believes that every child who is deaf or hard of hearing, including students with multiple disabilities, should have the tools, technology, support, and educational services accessible to develop age-appropriate communication skills, as well as acquire the academic and social skills needed to thrive.

The purpose of our experienced itinerant teachers of the deaf is to have your child participate and function as independently as possible in the in their school and classroom setting. JTC's itinerant teachers support both the student and the teacher and have expertise in hearing loss and the effect that hearing loss may have on your child's learning.  We want to ensure that any educational, social, or advocacy challenges your child may face are immediately addressed and worked on to avoid any delay in their progress.

Sessions emphasize classroom listening, language, and communication skills. In addition, they enhance students' living, academic and social learning skills.

Our team of JTC professionals have the following credentials:

CA licensed education specialists: Deaf and Hard of Hearing

Master's degrees in Education, and are

Certified Listening and Spoken Language Specialists/Auditory Verbal Therapists (LSLS/AVT)

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