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Understanding Your Child’s Hearing Tests

A child is never too young to have his hearing checked.  There are multiple reliable techniques used to measure hearing. A “hearing test” is actually an “Audiological Evaluation” made up of several tests for parts of the ear and hearing (auditory) system.  A “hearing screening” is a quick procedure done […]

Audiogram Familiar Sounds

Audiogram of Familiar Sounds

What Does My Child Hear?An audiogram is used to graph responses to sounds and speech during certain hearing tests. The examples on an illustrated audiogram show the types and levels of sounds. The area outlined on the audiogram showing most of the speech sounds is often referred to as the […]

JTC Announces a New Parent Toddler Discovery Program

LOS ANGELES, CA, February 5, 2016 – John Tracy Clinic (JTC), a non-profit diagnostic and education center for young children with hearing loss, announced today the launch of their new “Parent Toddler Discovery Program.” Taking place from July 10 – 15, 2016, the new program will be available as part […]

Professional Materials

As a longstanding leader in the field of early intervention services for young children with hearing loss, JTC is pleased to share knowledge and resources with professionals in the field. The following materials are currently available for professionals. Purchase Ling Speech Cards! Be sure to have speech strategies at your fingertips! […]


FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS What are the job prospects for teacher of the deaf? Throughout the almost 60 years that the JTC Graduate Program has been in existence, 100% of the graduates have been successful in gaining employment. Teachers of the deaf are in constant demand due to a national shortage. […]

Other Reading and Online Resources

Families’ preferences for sources of hearing loss information will vary. A few recent publications are listed here to help you get started! Ask other parents and professionals for more suggestions.Create a personalized list and share it!BooksBodner-Johnson, B., & Sass-Lehrer, M. (Ed.)  The Young Deaf or Hard of Hearing  Child. Baltimore, […]

Improving Behavior

Preparing for Preschool

Your child is old enough for preschool! The first step is making a decision about how, when and where your little one will attend. Begin by considering your youngster’s communication skills. Think about what concepts and vocabulary your child knows and what skills you are hoping will be achieved next. […]

Assessing Expressive Language: A Language Sample

A language sample is a record of the words your child says spontaneously.  For this assessment, it does not matter if those words are clearly spoken.  What your child says (expressive language) is more important than how clearly he is saying the words (speech). You can use a language sample […]

Listening with Ling 6

Listening with Ling Six

“How do I know what my child hears?” This question is asked often by parents of young children using listening devices (hearing aids and cochlear implants). Audiologists and other service providers can discuss an individual’s test results but parents’ observations also help describe how a child is benefitting from a […]

Keep on Talking

Keep on Talking, The Pre- and Post- Implant Process

You have made the decision to provide your child with a cochlear implant. You might be wondering about what you can do before the surgery, while you wait for activation and after the first mapping. Here are simple suggestions your family can consider. Your child’s speech therapist and cochlear implant […]