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Audiology, Hearing Loss, and Devices


What are developmental hearing skills for babies and toddlers?

Understanding Hearing Test

How is a child's hearing tested?


What does my child hear?


What terms could help families ask more questions?

School Readiness

What are some signs of childhood hearing loss?

where to begin

What can a family do when a child is identified with hearing loss?


How do parents help an infant adjust to a hearing aid?


Can any child with hearing loss get a cochlear implant?

Keep On Talking Pre Post Implant

When will my child respond with cochlear implant?


What info should families share with audiologists?


What info helps families understand auditory neuropathy?

Unilateral Hearing Loss is Unique

What are possible needs of children with single sided deafness?

Intro to Remote Mic System

When would a child use a remote microphone?

Early Expectations for a Child with a Cochlear Implant

What changes can we expect soon after a child is implanted?