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Early Intervention, Education and Support

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How can we build knowledge or confidence for school?

Communication Considerations Caregivers

How can daycare and relatives interact more with a child with hearing loss?

Improving Behavior Increasing Communication

How can families reduce a child's language frustration?

School Time

What can families do to encourage school skills?

Successful Strategies Starting School

What parent actions may help early education begin well?


Who are the professionals on a team for a child with hearing loss?

Meet My Child

How can parents help staff support their child with hearing loss?

Preparing for preschool

How can families get a child ready for early childhood programs?


What are suggestions to improve classroom interactions?


How can children with hearing loss be more included in gatherings?


What are pragmatic skills and how are they measured?


How can families guide children to identify their communication challenges?


Why do families benefit from community support?