School Time!

When your child enters preschool, you have the perfect opportunity to develop on-going teamwork with teachers and school personnel. This is the time to bring your positive attitude and support, which will continue throughout your child’s education.

What can you do?

Ask for time to explain the hearing aids or cochlear implant to the other children. Show them the microphone and battery. Preschoolers are naturally curious and interested, and you might do this each year during preschool and the early primary grades.

Keep in close contact with the teacher by phone, email or appointments. Know the schedule and the curriculum each teacher uses. Review subjects at home to be sure your child understands concepts and vocabulary. Ask the teacher questions – be involved. This is very important!

Volunteer to help in the classroom. By spending a day or even a half day each week, you will know if your child and teacher are communicating well, and if he is playing and interacting with the other children. If there are problems, you can correct them.

Learn songs or rhymes used in the classroom, and sing them every day with your child. He needs to be able to participate not only by singing, but also by understanding the words in the songs. Act out the songs together if that will help. Have fun!

Understand the rules of games and activities, and play them at home with your child. He needs to be able to participate in games by knowing the appropriate language and how to communicate with the other children as he plays.

You will set the tone for your child’s success in school. Involvement, a positive attitude and communication with teachers and other students are your contribution to your child’s academic experience.