We’re Going on Vacation

Any time is a good time to enjoy a trip to visit relatives, to see an historical place, or to explore a different country. No matter where you go, your little preschooler who is deaf or hard of hearing will want to be included in all the fun.

What can you do to prepare her for the vacation?

Make a little book with pictures of your transportation (airplane, train or car), what you will see when you arrive, the place you will stay and any other pictures or photographs which will help your child understand the trip.

What should you bring for the trip?

A comfort toy, blanket or a favorite pillow will help your child feel more relaxed, especially in a chilly airplane. Depending on your child’s age, you won’t want to forget a bottle and perhaps a pacifier. As exciting as a trip on the train, airplane or in the car might be, it is usually too long to sustain the interest of a preschooler. Prepare for this by wrapping up two or three little presents to be opened during travel time. Books are perfect for any age. A pad of paper and new crayons are good ideas, too.

What should your child bring?

Children love having their own backpack with their special toys. Your little one can choose some favorite books, puzzles or toys to take along with them.

What can you do to make travel time pass quickly? 

If your travel is in an airplane, you can talk about what you see out of the window. Flight attendants will ask what drink you want, so you can prepare by talking about juice and encourage your child to make the request by herself. If your travel is by car, you can sing together or take turns singing. You can make a game of watching for animals, cars of a certain color, rivers, etc. Engage your child in the adventure as you talk, talk, talk!

Don’t forget to bring your camera!

The pictures you take will make excellent Experience Books for the whole family to enjoy upon your return.

Traveling with young children can be stressful, but with some advance planning, the experience can be fun for everyone. Bon voyage!