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COVID-19 Update

As of June 2021

During the pandemic, JTC is continuing all its critical services for children with, or at risk of, hearing loss. All Audiology services are being provided on-site and families can call to schedule a hearing test Mondays-Fridays 8-4pm. JTC closed its in-person audiology services from March to May in 2020, to comply with public health directives, and again for two weeks in January 2021 due to a COVID-19 surge. All of JTC’s education services transitioned to remote learning within 48 hours in March 2020. Our preschool offered a hybrid of in-person and virtual learning starting in September 2020, and as of June 2021, all children are on-site. Families who receive listening and spoken language therapy or speech and language therapy are becoming more comfortable coming to JTC, though we continue to offer families a virtual option. Friday Family School, a component of our Parent-Infant Program, was virtual throughout the 2020-21 school year. We will assess the pandemic level and parent preferences when Friday Family School resumes in the fall. School-age support services are being provided remotely by our teachers of the deaf and hard of hearing until school districts have fully opened. Our summer session for international families will be delivered via remote learning again in summer 2021.